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Gita Jayanti 2015

Gita Jayanti – 2015

How to celebrate Gita Jayanti


Gita Jayanti this year (2015) is on December 21, 2015.

The Gita Network, wishes all Bhagawad Gita readers and Krishna bhakts a very Happy Gita Jayanti.

We encourage you to mark this occasion in your own special way.  How should one celebrate The Gita jayanti ?

Here is our Top 10 ways of celebrating the birthday of Shreemad Bhagawad Geeta.

  1. Set aside time to do a special reading of The Gita at your home.  One chapter or the entire Gita as per your schedule.
  2. Plan a reading of The Gita, with the entire family (children included).
  3. Invite some friends and their families over for a group reading of The Gita.
  4. Organize a Gita recitation session.
  5. Purchase at least 10 copies of The Gita and distribute to your friends and family. (The Gita Network can arrange to ship you printed copies.  Send us your request from this link).
  6. Take a resolution to read The Gita every day (you can read online on
  7. Start getting TheGita sholkas in your facebook feed everyday – by liking the page at
  8. Volunteer time to assist in the efforts of The Gita Network.  This is the link to send in your support.
  9. Take a resolution to share The Gita shloka posts on your Facebook time line every day.
  10. Find other ways of sharing the message of Shree Krishna (The Gita) with others.   And please do tell us about it.  Follow this link.

Looking back at the past year

Facebook and Twitter continue to be strong platforms for sharing the message of TheGita with all of you..  The Gita network’s main FB page with over 3,000,000 likes (3 million mark), shares 5 shlokas daily with those who are following the page.

Special thanks to the Gyan yogis who continue to read shlokas, share them on their time line, and send their Jai Shree Krishna’s  – many times every day.     Every time you do one of these things (like, comment or share), it increases the chances of someone else benefiting from the knowledge  given by Shree Krishna.

This year also saw a special launch. was launched to share the Gita with children.  You are invited to visit this website, and encourage children in your household to read the story format Bhagwad Gita.


As many of you are aware,  The Gita websites in many other languages are available now.

The Gita in Hindi   –    – Facebook  (

The Gita in Gujarati   –    – Facebook  (

The Gita in Tamil –  – Facebook (

The Gita in Kannada –  – Facebook (

The Gita in Marathi –  – Facebook (

The Gita in Telugu –  – Facebook – to be updated.

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