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The Gita Network

The Gita Network


The Gita Network is working to share the teachings of The Gita with Krishna bhaktas around the globe.     For those wanting to know more about who we are, please scroll below to the section on “About us”


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About us

We are a group of volunteers, and one of our beloved shlokas is Chapter 18 -70

The Blessed Lord Krishna declared:
He who studies and truly learns this sacred conversation, O Partha, worships Me through his intelligence and light of wisdom.

जो पुरुष इस धर्ममय हम दोनों के संवाद रूप गीता शास्त्र को पढ़ेगा,

उसके द्वारा भी मैं ज्ञान यज्ञ से पूजित होऊँगा —– ऐसा मेरा मत है ।। ७० ।।



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|| Jai Shree Krishna  ||

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