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TheGita – Chapter 15 – Shloka 01

The Gita – Chapter 15 – Shloka 01

The Gita – Chapter 15 – Shloka 01

Bhagwad Geeta 15-01-

The Gita – Chapter 15 – Shloka 01

Shloka 1

The Dear Lord explained to Arjuna:
O Arjuna, there exists an enormous, everlasting, and divinely pure tree known as the indestructable ASVAATTHAM (COSMIC TREE OF LIFE*). The extraordinary things about this tree, is that it has its roots above at its peak and its branches are located at the lowest part of the tree. It’s pure, green leaves are the VEDAS (Holy Scriptures and Sacred Songs). He who believes and realizes this truth, also knows and understands the VEDAS.

*(In reality, the tree is Lord Krishna himself, where He is above in the heavens, namely the roots of the tree, and the branches representing all humanity, and extending from the Lord, are found on the surface below heaven).

श्री भगवान् बोले —–आदिपुरुषपरमेश्वर रूप मूल वाले और ब्रह्मा रूप मुख्य शाखा वाले जिस संसार रूप पीपल के वृक्ष को अविनाशी* कहते हैं, तथा वेद जिसक पत्ते कहे गये हैं —-उस संसार रूप वृक्ष को जो पुरुष मूल सहित तत्व से जानता है, वह वेद के तात्पर्य को जानने वाला है ।। १ ।।


Purusottama yoga -15

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