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TheGita – Chapter 15 – Shloka 10

The Gita – Chapter 15 – Shloka 10

The Gita – Chapter 15 – Shloka 10

Bhagwad Geeta 15-10-

The Gita – Chapter 15 – Shloka 10

Shloka 10

O Arjuna, only those people whose vision is clouded and whose mind is deluded are unable to see and realize Me as actually existing within them as their inner-selves and they do not realize that I am a part of human nature itself, whether or not I stay or depart from within them.

However dear Arjuna, those who possess wisdom in their vision and in their minds, truly realize that I live within them and that in reality all beings are actually joined together with Me as Soul and Supreme Soul.

शरीर को छोड़ कर जाते हुए को अथवा शरीर में स्थित हुए को अथवा विषयों को भोगते हुए को इस प्रकार तीनों गुणों से युक्त्त हुए को भी अज्ञानी जन नहीं जानते, केवल ज्ञान रूप नेत्रों वाले विवेक शील ज्ञानी ही तत्व से जानते हैं ।। १० ।।


Purusottama yoga -15

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