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TheGita – Chapter 16 – Shloka 05

The Gita – Chapter 16 – Shloka 05

The Gita – Chapter 16 – Shloka 05

Bhagwad Geeta 16-05-

The Gita – Chapter 16 – Shloka 05

Shloka 5

The qualities that exist within a person with a divine nature, leads that person to a blissful freedom and liberation from this world and all its material objects. However the evil traits that are found in a person with a demonic nature, blinds that person to this world and to the sensual objects it contains. But grieve not, beloved Devotee of Mine, you have been born with a divine personality and your final and ultimate destination is heaven.

दैवी-सम्पदा मुक्त्ति के लिये और आसुरी-सम्पदा बाँधने के लिये मानी गयी है । इसलिये हे अर्जुन ! तू शोक मत कर ; क्योंकि तू दैवी-सम्पदा को लेकर उत्पन्न हुआ है ।। ५ ।।


Daivasura–Sampad–Vibhaga yoga -16

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