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TheGita – Chapter 17 – Shloka 25

The Gita – Chapter 17 – Shloka 25

The Gita – Chapter 17 – Shloka 25

Bhagwad Geeta 17-25-

The Gita – Chapter 17 – Shloka 25

Shloka 25

The word Tat describes the actual performance of the Spiritual Sacrifice, the presentation of gifts, and all acts of self perfection and self-harmony. The performance of these acts (by those who seek true, infinite liberty from the world), without wishing for any rewards in return are done by the true followers of the Brahman, in accordance with the Holy laws, as stated in the Scriptures. If these acts are done properly, they lead a person further along the path towards Me, the Supreme Goal and Supreme Spirit.

तत् अर्थात् ‘तत्’ नाम से कहे जाने वाले परमात्मा का ही यह सब है, इस भाव से फल को न चाहकर नाना प्रकार की यज्ञ तपरूप क्रियाएँ तथा दानरूप क्रियाएँ कल्याण की इच्छा वाले पुरुषों द्वारा की जाती हैं ।। २५ ।।


Sraddhatraya-Vibhaga yoga -17

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