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TheGita – Chapter 17 – Shloka 28

The Gita – Chapter 17 – Shloka 28

The Gita – Chapter 17 – Shloka 28

Bhagwad Geeta 17-28-

The Gita – Chapter 17 – Shloka 28

Shloka 28

If any of these acts, O Arjuna, whether it is Spiritual Sacrifice, Self-perfection or the offering of pure and pleasant gifts, is done without faith and good incentives, Asat (all that is untrue and representative of darkness) is attained. By achieving Asat, one has really gained absolutely nothing, O Son of Kunti, because I hold the acts performed in Asat as useless, and having no importance in this world or in the afterworld.

हे अर्जुन ! बिना श्रदा  जे के किया हुआ हवन, दिया हुआ दान एवं तपा हुआ तप और जो कुछ भी किया हुआ शुभ कर्म है —– वह समस्त ‘असत्’ —– इस प्रकार कहा जाता है ; इसलिये वह न तो इस लोक में लाभदायक है और न मरने के बाद ही ।। २८ ।।


Sraddhatraya-Vibhaga yoga -17

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