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TheGita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 25

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 25

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 25

Bhagwad Geeta 18-25-

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 25

Shloka 25

The work which one completes with a confused mind and deluded intelligence, without any cares about the horrible consequences that might result from his selfish tasks; work that is done without concern for the bondage that it creates for the performer; work done without any heed to injury or harm that might come to others because of one’s (evil) actions; or work accomplished without worrying about one’s own loss; these are work done out of darkness by those who are known as Tamsic-natured people.

जो कर्म परिणाम, हानि, हिंसा और सामर्थ्य को न विचार कर केवल अज्ञान से आरम्भ किया जाता है, वह तामस कहा जाता है ।। २५ ।।


Moksha–Sanyasa yoga -18

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