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TheGita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 53

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 53

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 53

Bhagwad Geeta 18-53-

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 53

Shloka 53

…who does not let passion control his will; who is rid of his greed, violence and pride; whose feelings of anger and lust are abolished; who has broken free from the bondages of all his material possessions; and who treats all other fellow beings in this world equally; a being who possesses all such qualities has reached the highest state of self-realization possible, namely that which is the Brahman, which is in the heart of the Lord.

बल, घमण्ड, काम क्रोध और परिग्रह का त्याग करके निरन्तर ध्यान योग के परायण रहने वाला, ममता रहित और शान्ति युक्त्त पुरुष सच्चिदानन्दधन ब्रह्म में अभिग्नभाव से स्थित होने का पात्र होता है ।। ५३ ।।


Moksha–Sanyasa yoga -18

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