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TheGita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 57

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 57

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 57

Bhagwad Geeta 18-57-

The Gita – Chapter 18 – Shloka 57

Shloka 57

O Arjuna, if one truly offers and dedicates, with his heart, all of his actions to Me, depending on Me for the results of his actions; realizes that the results of his actions lie in My hands alone; sees Me as the ultimate result of his love, devotion and meditation, in the end his soul combines with Mine for eternity.

सब कर्मों को मन से मुझ में अर्पण करके तथा सम बुद्भि रूप योग को अवलम्बन करके मेरे परायण और निरन्तर मुझ में चित्त वाला हो ।। ५७ ।।


Moksha–Sanyasa yoga -18

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