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TheGita – Chapter 2 – Shloka 43

The Gita – Chapter 2 – Shloka 43

The Gita - Chapter 2 - Shloka 43

Bhagwad Geeta 2-43 –

The Gita – Chapter 2 – Shloka 43

Shloka 43

These same people, O ARJUNA, speak beautiful words describing heaven in all its glory and beauty. They speak of heaven as the ultimate goal for one to achieve in life. They speak of all the good actions they have performed in life and that the result of their good deeds will be the gaining of worldly pleasures, and everlasting wealth in their present life as well as ensure favourable and pleasant birth in their next life.

जिस पुष्पित अर्थात् दिखाऊ शोभायुक्त्त वाणी को कहा करते हैं, जो कि जन्मरूप कर्मफल देने वाली एवं भोग तथा ऐश्वर्य की प्राप्ति के लिये नाना प्रकार की बहुत-सी क्रियाओं का वर्णन ।। ४३ ।।


Sankhya yoga -2

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