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TheGita – Chapter 6 – Shloka 03

The Gita – Chapter 6 – Shloka 03

The Gita - Chapter 6 - Shloka 03

Bhagwad Geeta 6-03-

The Gita – Chapter 6 – Shloka 03

Shloka 3

For one who wishes to establish himself in the divinity of Yoga. O Arjuna, he must follow the method of doing Karma without desires of any sort. For, giving up all worldly thoughts is the path that will lead you to being fully and truly established in Yoga, Dear Arjuna.

(While trying to become a Yogi perform Karma (action) without any desires (unattached Karma). After you have become a true Yogi, resign yourself from all attachments to the world.)

योग में आरूढ़ होने की इच्छा वाले मननशील पुरुष के लिये योग की प्राप्ति में निष्काम भाव से कर्म करना ही  हेतु कहा जाता है और योगारूढ़ हो जाने पर उस योगारूढ़ पुरुष का जो सर्व संकल्पों का अभाव है, वही कल्याण में हेतु कहा जाता है ।। ३ ।।


Dhyan yoga or Atmasanyam yoga -6

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