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TheGita – Chapter 9 – Shloka 18

 The Gita – Chapter 9 – Shloka 18

The Gita - Chapter 9 - Shloka 18

Bhagwad Geeta 9-18-

Shloka 18

The Gita – Chapter 9 – Shloka 18

O Dear Arjuna, I support and preserve all the creation in the universe; I am the Supreme Lord of all; the witness of all occurrences, the shelter; the refuge; the well-wisher of all beings; the absolute beginning and origin of things, and the absolute end termination of all things.

Furthermore, Arjuna, I am the resting place and storage place (refuge) into which all beings come together when the time of universal destruction is at hand.

Know Me also, as the one imperishable, indestructible seed from which all beings in the universe are cultivated.

प्राप्त होने योग्य परम धाम, भरण-पोषण करने वाला, सब का स्वामी, शुभाशुभ को देखने वाला, सबका वास स्थान, शरण लेने योग्य, प्रत्युपकार न चाहकर हित करने वाला, सबकी उत्पति प्रलय का हेतु, स्थिति का आधार, निधान और अविनाशी कारण भी मै ही हूँ ॥१८॥


Raja–Vidya–Raja–Guhya yoga – 9

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