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The Gita in my Facebook Feed

The Gita in my Facebook Feed

# Important messages from The Gita Network #

1) How Can I ensure that all shlokas from TheGita show up in my Facebook Newsfeed ?

We have received this question from many of you. The way FB feeds work, not all fans of a page get the latest posts in their feeds.
To make sure you don’t miss any of the Daily Shlokas, you will need to follow these 3 simple steps.

1) Open the page Bhagwad Geeta – Lord Krishna
2) Move your mouse to the Liked Button – near the top right hand side. Just under the image of Shree Krishna.
3) Click on the option – Get Notifications.
4) Click the Follow button so that it changes to Following.


The Gita on Facebook - get notifications

The Gita on Facebook – get notifications




2) How can I enable more number of people get the daily shlokas in their FB feed ?

If you share this post, a larger number of people will get a chance to know about it.

Similarly for each Gita shloka that you see in your post daily – by Liking/Commenting or Sharing, you increase the number of FB users who will see the post.

The few seconds it will take you to Like/Comment or Share, enable a larger number of people to benefit from TheGita.


Our sincere gratitude to all of you for participating in the joy of sharing The Gita.

Jai Shree Krishna.



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